Søren Jensen are now an official Certified B Corporation®

It is official – after 19 months of hard labour we have become a part of the global B Corps.

With 85 points Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers has now become a part of the global B Corps. This means that Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers are the first medium-sized engineering company in the world within building design to become a Certified B Corporation. We are also the first consultancy in the ´Building Design´ segment in Europe to achieve a certification.

“We have chosen to be certified partly to accommodate the family’s wishes and the employee’s ambitions to increase our approach to run a responsible business but also to meet the demands for responsible companies. We have chosen B Corp because they have a very ambitious setup with minimum requirements that secures that we are challenged as a company. It would have been quicker for us to join UN Global Compact or get an ISO 14001 certification of the company. Our evaluation is that these won’t give us a sufficient push in the right direction” says Frank Jensen who is third generation and chairman in the company.

“The process has made a line of areas measurable for us. It is areas that otherwise would have become difficult to measure, including the projects sustainability. As a company we have increased our consciousness about how our projects makes a difference today and where we can make an extra effort to make an even greater difference in the world.” Hanne Ring Hansen, Sustainability Engineer

Three years ago, we started our work with Better Corporation in Søren Jensen as a part of this we have developed an approach to regenerative buildings. During the last three years we have formulated, tested and developed our approach. From now on all project’s leaders in Søren Jensen will be introduced to the approach and all our projects are already being measured on sustainability.

“B Corp sets a frame to measure the projects up against and it forces us to increase our consciousness about where our projects can elevate. Regarding the operation of Søren Jensen and our projects we focus on the continuous reduction of CO2 emission. It isn’t normal for a smaller company to measure the CO2 emission and the water consumption. In fact, it is quite difficult to do so because it isn’t standard to calculate this at building projects. When we moved to another lease in Aarhus, we have reduced our CO2 emission with 54% across all our leases. We have deliberate worked with an ambition to achieve a reduction of our energy consumption via the relocation. But we were surprised how huge the CO2 reduction was” says CEO Ulrik E. Fink.

Beside approaches which promote companies’ environmental impact we also work on approaches that can reduce the environmental impact from our employees in private. Something that we can see will make a great difference for the environmental challenges that we face worldwide. We investigate the possibilities for shared cars, cellphones with double Sim cards and a discount scheme for responsible purchasing.

“When we began to talk about Better Corporation in Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers we have experienced that our employees contribute to identify potential improvements on our environmental impact. This concerns everything from an employee scheme with responsible companies, handling of problematic waste sources and abolition of tinfoil in the tea kitchens. It is a joy to experience the great interest from colleagues also when they don’t think that we move quickly enough on subjects that we take for granted in private. For us is the purpose with Better Corporation that we shall increase our own and our business partners consciousness. We shall continuously raise the bar to do our best for the environment and the society which we are a part of.” Says Frank Jensen

About B Corp

B Corp is a global corporation of companies with a joint goal to redefine what creates success in the business community. B Corp uses the core business as lever to create positive change in society as a benefit worldwide and to the bottom line.

The B Corp corporations’ basis for system changes focuses on a break with the classical capitalistic paradigm. Our mission is to redefine the private sectors role and impact in society. We oversee the development of a new type of company that spend their resources to solve social and environmental problems it’s not just being the best in the world but also being the best for the world.

To be a Certified B Corp isn’t just a declaration of intent to behave. B Corps obligate to be measured from global standards, they are transparent, and they obligate to continuously to improve themselves – and they embed it in the company’s regulations. Globally more than 50.000 companies have measured sustainability with B Impact Assessment and more than 2900 companies in 150 trades and in 54 countries is Certified B Corporation.

See more about B Corp at their website here.